Pricing + Services


Naturopathic Services are covered under most extended health plans. 


initial consultation

$165/75 minutes — The first step towards reclaiming your power over your health. We will cover your medical history and review every system of your body from head to toe.

follow up consultation

$90/25 minutes — This is where the magic happens. Month by month we'll track your progress, tweak your plan, and work towards the healthiest, happiest you.

short consultation

$45/10 minutes — Sometimes we don't need a whole half hour- sometimes just a quick pop-in to check your blood pressure, deal with a cold/flu, or ask a question.

acupuncture treatment

$135/45 minutes — A moment of zen in your busy week. Acupuncture helps to still your mind and relax your body. It often plays a starring role in treatment plans for anxiety, insomnia, and indigestion. I also use it to strengthen lungs, soothe kidneys, and supercharge a liver detox.

bowen therapy treatment

$135/45 minutes — This relaxing bodywork treatment originated in Australia and has been shown to switch your body out of flight/flight/freeze mode and into rest/digest mode so that you can heal. I use it for stress, insomnia, back pain, migraines, shoulder issues, and fibromyalgia.

professional quality supplements

Variable prices — Quality supplements available in office, online, or custom ordered to support your healing journey.