Why I Dropped My Clinic Name


Back when I opened my first Naturopathic Office in Revelstoke, BC, I spent days/hours/weeks crafting the perfect name. A name that would inspire healing from the moment you heard it. A name that would communicate my highest hopes for every patient who walked through my doors.

Eventually I landed on Return to Grace Naturopathic Clinic. It felt perfect. To me “Grace” was an ideal of health. A closeness to God/Goddess/Source. The original human. Who we were created to be. And I believed that when we fell ill, we were separate from Grace and needed help to return. And I, of course, would be that help.

At that time, I had my Naturopathic residence under my belt. I understood a lot about how the body worked and what treatments to apply when. The science, I got. The tests, I aced. The art, I was yet to discover.

Since then, I’ve walked with hundreds of people on their healing journeys over the years and bit by bit the art of Naturopathic Medicine unfolds for me. Along the way, the name, Return to Grace, started to feel less and less authentic. Less and less true to the art of healing. Until one day, it felt so wrong that I had to drop it.

The longer I practice, the more clearly that I see healing as both a physical and spiritual journey. Not back to who we were before, but forward, inward, and onward. To a wiser, deeper, and older version of ourselves. Closer to who we really are.

When you are healing, you aren’t really returning to your original state at all. As anyone who has struggled with serious illness can tell you, it changes you. You can never go back to who you were before you got sick- you must go forward.

The other falseness that I found is this: when you are ill, you are not further from Grace. The tenacity, courage, despair, and resilience of my patients awes me daily. Very often, our darkest moments are when we are, in fact, closest to Grace. When we are tested we know our deepest, strongest, truest selves.

What does that mean for you, as my patients and perhaps my potential patients? It means that in witnessing your healing journeys, I have learned. And as I learn, I change. And I’m sure I will continue to grow and evolve as a healer, the longer that I’m in practice.

I loved and still love the inspiration behind Return to Grace, and the young, new Doctor that I was when that is how I saw healing. Perhaps in the future, another clinic name will be right for me.

But for now, when you look for me, you’ll find me not under that name of a clinic, but simply as me: Dr. Theresa Camozzi. Ready and willing to meet you where you are at, and to walk forward on your healing journey with you.