My Healing Journey

I first became acquainted with Naturopathic Medicine when I was struggling with my own health- I was fresh out of my undergraduate degree, working two jobs (a bust period in the city of my alma mater: Calgary), and coming down with a multitude of symptoms that my doctor couldn't diagnose.

Test after test came back negative, and still I struggled with weight gain, IBS, allergies, carpal tunnel syndrome, hair loss, fatigue, and acne.

Eventually I was taking three separate painkillers and my dose just kept increasing. I asked my doctor how I was going to get off these pills, "Well Theresa, you have to be less stressed," she told me as she filled out the scripts and scheduled me for carpal tunnel surgery.

Be less stressed. How novel. Why didn't I think of that?

I know that sarcasm doesn't translate well online, so in case you missed it: I couldn't have been less impressed with that advice, so I did the obvious thing and refilled my meds. And got back to my type-A, workaholic lifestyle. It was all I knew how to do.

I considered trying a yoga class...

That same month, a friend asked me about Naturopathic Medicine, and wondered if she should see a Naturopathic Doctor. Because I prided myself on being an open-minded researcher, I told her I'd look into it, even though my initial reaction was somewhere between an eye roll and outright disdain.

As I started reading more and more about Naturopathic Medicine, my initial skepticism took a backseat to respect. And then excitement: this is medicine as I've always believed it could be!

  • Evidence-based therapies
  • Minimal side effects.
  • A blend of reductionist and holistic thinking.
  • Respect for ancient lineages of healing.

I contacted some local NDs, (that's short for Naturopathic Doctors) to learn more and even started treatment for my laundry list of symptoms.

Within a month I was loving life again. Within a year I was able to come off some supplements. Within two years I was completely healed.

Fast forward to 2013, and I had graduated from Naturopathic Medical School (class of 2010), passed my board exams, started a healing business, had a baby, and moved across the country. My old habits of working too much, sleeping too little, and eating whatever was convenient crept back- and soon it was like they were never gone.

The old symptoms slammed into me: fatigue, acne, IBS, allergies, PMS, hair loss and weight gain returned along with frightening new symptoms: brain fog, confusion, anxiety, and lack of focus.

Naturally, I was pissed off at myself: how could I let this happen? AGAIN! But this time I was ready. I dug deep for self compassion, and with excruciating gentleness, began again the process of healing.

This time it was different. I came to the second challenge with years of healing experience behind me. I have had the privilege of witnessing and aiding hundreds of patients on their healing journey. I've seen who healed and who didn't. I watched. I learned. And then I took that collective wisdom and applied it to myself. I healed.

Today, I still tend to work and play hard: its just who I am. But I now acknowledge and bless my limits rather than pushing past them. I respect natural laws of health (about 75% of the time- more when life gets stressful). And though the fatigue, acne, IBS, PMS, hair loss, and mental concerns are just a memory, I'm still gently healing the allergies and weight gain that are the side effects of my wild ride part deux.  


My grandma always says: "its a great old world if you don't weaken." And, I'm here to make sure that you don't.

Qualifications & Experience

As a licenced Naturopathic Doctor, I have completed training from an accredited 4-year post graduate program at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. I have also passed the Naturopathic Physicians Licencing Examinations from the North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners. In addition, I have been granted prescribing authority for pharmaceutical agents in the province of British Columbia. I hold certifications in Acupuncture and in Mesotherapy for Facial Rejuevenation, Fat Reduction and Body Contouring. 

I completed my undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Calgary and participated in an exchange with the University of Groningen in the Netherlands where I had the opportunity to work in a molecular genetics laboratory. I've also completed all the requirements for the Certified Bowen Health Therapist training from the Bowen College

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